Q: Node selection with mpirun under Scyld

Thomas Clausen tclausen at wesleyan.edu
Mon Feb 26 14:26:24 PST 2001

Hi all,

I have a question about running mpi programs under the Scyld distribution. I
have been unable to find in an answer in the documentation.

How do I specify which nodes to run an mpi program on? Or equivalently, how
do I avoid my job being send to specific nodes (if, for instance, some nodes
have too little memory for the job)?

I have some idea from the following:

Launching an mpi program with 

toc at madonna~/src/sturm mpirun --np 2 --log-thresh progress ./sturm


argv[5] (./sturm) is not an option
mpirun option processing stopped at ./sturm
scheduling the job
calling bproc_numnodes
bproc says there are 32 nodes
node 0 is not up (status is 1)

permission match (unowned)
node 0 is 1

Writing line: 2 1 ./sturm

Done writing scheduler file

Looks like bproc finds a permission match. How do I affect the permissions?


Thomas Clausen

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