Scyld + myrinet mpich-gm?

Robert G. Brown rgb at
Thu Feb 22 11:20:33 PST 2001

On Thu, 22 Feb 2001, Dave Johnson wrote:

> In the nearly three weeks since my posting of Feb 4, I have managed to
> sort out most of the problems (including new ones that came up in the
> process) getting MPICH-GM jobs started on the diskless slave nodes using
> bproc/bpsh.  I still wish there were searchable archives of this and other
> mailing lists available.  Right now I'm looking for pointers on tuning the

There was a searchable interface to the mailing list thanks to Dwight,
but seems to have gone away.  You can still visit the
web interface to mailman (see URL at the bottom of this message) and at
least browse the archive sorted by e.g. date or topic.  Not quite as
good, but better than nothing.

> network interface (the gigabit card on the master is showing a fair number
> of TX drops).
> I will insert a few notes below as to what went on....


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