The FNN (Flat Neighborhood Network) paradox

Horatio B. Bogbindero wyy at
Thu Feb 22 05:35:10 PST 2001

> P.S. - Anyone care to try and make a version of PVM or MPICH that does
> not assume all nodes have just one universally accessible IP address each?
> We looked into it, and it seemed to be a bear in there...  I ran away :)
> I was able to hack LAM MPI over a weekend to get it to work, so PVM and
> MPICH are not even on a back-burner for us right now...
> -- 
wonderful. were you able to give feedback to jeff and the gang as ND about
this? would they release it as a "feature" of LAM-MPI in the near future.
right now, with the modified BNN arch, we have to contend with advanced
routing issues. not quite ironned out yet but possible. 

btw, i really admire your work on FNN and the bunyip people. we derived
much of our direction from your work. great work guys!
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