Interconnect Diagrams

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If it is that coarsely grained, why not just use  1 NIC in each machine
hooked up as a standard shared media Ethernet (i.e. using Coax T's)?  Or do
you need the network bandwidth from node to node, in which case multiple
NICs starts to make sense ( I assume NICs and cabling are free?).  Then,
you'd want to use one of the schemes used with 10BaseT hubs (as opposed to
switches) which is conceptually the same as a multidrop coax configuration.

As for DHCP.... It sounds like a nightmare to debug.. is there a good reason
not to use static IPs assigned in a regular pattern, making building the
routing tables somewhat easier?

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Subject: Interconnect Diagrams

>Hi fellow beowulfers,
>I'm setting up a toy beowulf, with 4 10base-2 (coax) nics in each box(IT
>I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to arrange the mesh, so that
>each of the 32 machines can use DHCP from the one master...
>The task is super-coarse grained - massive povray jobs(1600x1200, one frame
>per box. (2 hours per work unit)
>Diagrams would be great, but I understand that network arrangements are
>difficult to draw.
>Thanks heaps!!
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