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This thread has been great.  If I get a list of all the Beowulf uses in
medicine together, I'd be happy to add them to our website., and provided my clients (docs, clinicians,
etc. . . ) are willing to listen, I'd be happy to pass on the information.

Richard Schilling
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> Hi,
> i'm not sure if this is as "medical" you are looking for, but 
> i built a
> beowulf cluster to do drug design. I run code which is looking for
> potential small molecule inhibitors from a database that will 
> "dock" to a 
> target protein. It's drug discovery and kind of medical. I also look
> at properties of such small molecules.  
> at the very least i've made some custom shelves in the shape 
> of a double
> helix for the cluster..thats gotta count for a bit.
> theres a link at

I'll get a proper site up soon



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On Mon, 19 Feb 2001, Kevin Rosenberg wrote:

> > I think, our beowulf computers can be applied to the medical area.
> > but I don't know the beowulf application examples for the sick.
> >
> > Anybody here had a experience or have a plan to apply our beowulf
computers to the medical area
> I use MPI processing as an option in my open-source computed tomography
> simulator: CTSim ( I've tested this application in a
> 16-CPU beowulf cluster with good results.
> I've heard from a physician in Germany that he is using CTSim to remove
> artifacts for metallic objects prior to reconstruction. However, I'm not
> sure he is using the Beowulf-enabled version of CTSim or the single-CPU
> graphical user-interface version.
> I look forward to hearing other responses to your query.
> --
> Kevin Rosenberg, M.D.
> kevin at
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