Athlon vs. PIII

Luc Vereecken Luc.Vereecken at
Tue Feb 20 07:45:48 PST 2001

At 14:36 20/02/01 +0100, Ole W. Saastad wrote:

Strange. I did a G98 test last year, and I found that the athlon was 10-20
% faster than a PIII for CPU intensive calculations (HF/DFT/...). Are both
systems comparable in cache-speed / memory speed and size / .. ? 
For my test system I went as far as transferring the disks and memory chips
between the different mobos.

Luc Vereecken

>I have run a few tests to check the performance of
>Athlon vs. PIII. 
>The Atlas (tuned BLAS libs) tests suggest very high 
>performance for Athlon, however in real tests like
>Gaussian 98 there is little difference. 
>Summary of performance Athlon vs. PIII 
>- with Gaussian98 runs.
>pgf77 (cache size 512k)
>Athlon:  22 minutes 26.8 seconds.
>PIII:    17 minutes 57.3 seconds.
>pgf77 (cache size 64k)
>Athlon:  23 minutes  5.8 seconds.
>PIII:    17 minutes 56.3 seconds.

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