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Mon Feb 19 21:07:40 PST 2001

On Mon, 19 Feb 2001, Rick Niles wrote:

> Also, please understand that PBS will ONLY accept shell scripts as
> jobs and that the current Scyld Beowulf will not run shell scripts at
> all.  So you've got big trouble right off.  Dan Ridge and I are
> working up a method for running shell scripts on the nodes.  We still
> think running scripts on dumb nodes it's really "not the right
> thing".... but we understand that "the customer is always
> right"...right?

Once this problem is resolved, will this be part of pbs or part of
Scyld? Will you keep up with the pbs development and always provide latest
Personally I dont think that is the right approach to modify all existing
beowulf software available to work with one single system. If the software
is there, that's fine but what about all the other good stuff out there?
What if I use LSF? Or Codine which is freely available from sun and should
be released as open source soon? What about DQS, NQS etc. etc.?

This is only on the batch system side.

> > Does anyone have Quick-Install notes for PBS on top of Scyld?
> Well, I think you'll see given that last paragraph... it will be
> difficult.
> BTW, what's this default home path of "/usr/spool/PBS"?  I think
> "/var/spool/pbs" is much more sane.  Who's ever heard of "/usr/spool"?

/var/spool is the right place according to the "standards" (As defind by
the FHS).


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