John A. Maxwell jmax at toad.net
Mon Feb 19 18:44:52 PST 2001

Alan Grimes <alangrimes at starpower.net> wrote:

>   Hey, I followed some links off the windoze $2000 site and came across
>   some 32 way/64gb systems from Unisys! (Xenon)
>   It would surely outperform a PC cluster and be WAY easier to program
>   than today's beowulf software...

On a MFlop/CPU basis, quite probably. On a $/MFlop basis...?

>   Though I'm not sure about the price or
>   linux compatability, these are really extreme. 

I can't speak from experience, but I'd be _very_ surprised if linux
won't run on them.

>   Linux REALLY REALLY sucks in a lot of ways... =( 

I fail to see how this follows from the rest of your post. Are you
trolling for flames here, or what?


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