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Squid squiddog at cyberspace.org
Fri Feb 16 07:01:42 PST 2001

>just a note/question on the IDE raids, i've never had a system survive an
>IDE disk failure with any kind of raid. the system has *always* stopped
>responding on me. it stops all activity trying to update the failed disk,
>and never recovers. are you using some kind of special controller that will
>ignore a disk if it fails?

"They are working on this in the next release".... (hahahaha).

People want cheaper storage (IDE based) even if SCSI is already a fraction 
of what it was 2 years ago.  It doesn't matter if SCSI is better for RAID 
high-av solutions, there are people who will want it cheaper and can 
justify in their minds that it is better to have an $80k system admin 
figuring out how to boot and rebuild a homegrown RAID solution after a 
failure than to have an entry level tech pull a drive tray and drop in a spare.

Folks, what do you have that you cannot buy more of?


TIME. Time is the most valuable thing that you have in a business. You 
cannot make more of it, you can just use what you have more efficiently. If 
you think that sitting around and tweaking a home grown RAID IDE solution 
is where you want to spend your time, instead of making more money for the 
company elsewhere, then go ahead and save your money there..... and then 
you can complain when the company doesn't give you a req. for a new 
sysadmin slot, and complain how you are overworked and spend too much time 
in the data center.

Use a home grown SCSI RAID solution if you must skimp. Buy a CLARiiON 
FC4500 if you want the real shit (or one of our competitors... but they suck).


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