Beowulf on Sparc

Jeffrey B Layton jeffrey.b.layton at
Mon Feb 19 10:36:10 PST 2001

"Mattson, Timothy G" wrote:

> Of course you can cluster on Sparc without Linux...


I agree 100%. However, I'd like to point the difference
between generic clusters for parallel computing and
Beowulfs. Beowulf is a subset of clusters because of
the definition of a Beowulf (I subscribe to Don Becker's

Of course, this has been a flame war on this list at various
times and simply by posting this I'm adding fuel to the
fire :)

However, to get back to the point, I'm interested in anyone
who has built a reasonable size Beowulf of Sparcs running
Linux. I'd like to benchmark my code on such a beast, but
compilers will probably be an issue (I need F90 and I don't
know of any F90 compilers for Sparc-Linux).

Jeff Layton


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