PBS/Scyld. Re: queue system on Scyld (Thomas Clausen)

Ambrose Kofi Laing laing at eecs.tufts.edu
Mon Feb 19 09:19:11 PST 2001

As I understand it, it should be possible to have openPBS running on top
of Scyld, and PBS can be configured (I think) to be as simple as a
first come first served queueing discipline.

I wanted to do this, however one issue was unclear to me.  It appears
that jobs are "brokered" on individual nodes by the pbs_mom program.
However under scyld, they get started on the server and then migrated
via bproc.

Does that imply that scyld systems get only one pbs_mom on the server?

Does anyone have Quick-Install notes for PBS on top of Scyld?

Thank you,


> Hi All,
> I'm in the process of migrating our 50 node scientific computing cluster over
> to Scyld. 
> We use PBS on our current setup. It is, however, much too complex for our
> needs. All we really need is a first come, first serve queuing system. 
> What queuing software would you recommend using with the Scyld bproc based
> system? 
> I'm inclined to write a few perl scripts to do basic queuing services. Did
> anyone already do this? If so I would like to hear from you.

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