Beowulf on Sparc

Josip Loncaric josip at
Mon Feb 19 07:23:46 PST 2001

Raul Romero Wells wrote:
> Easy, as a Sun's dealer said: "you can instal Sun's linux on it..."
> Scott.Brown at wrote:
> > This may seem to be a stupid question, pardon my ignorance. I'm looking for
> > information on building Beowulf clusters with ultra sparc hardware. Any
> > information would be greatly appreciated.

Clusters do not require Linux -- in fact, a nice Solaris cluster was
recently built at William & Mary:

SciClone is a heterogeneous cluster, using 64 Ultra 5 (single CPU
machines), 32+6 Ultra 60 (dual CPU machines), 4 Enterprise 420R servers
(quad CPU each) and an Ultra 60 front end machine.  This is a rich
environment designed to support a wide variety of research activities.


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