Microsoft Releases Computational Cluster Technical PreviewToolkit

Paul Eduard Schenker pesch at
Thu Feb 15 18:16:35 PST 2001

Paul Eduard Schenker wrote:

> Excellent comment! But watch out: MS is the quintessential "me too" company, never having invented anything
> really
> new. They are therefore highly parasitical, often eventually killing the host from which they originated and
> which
> feeds them.
> With the know-how developed by people like yourself and others on this list they can without much cost enter a
> market at the wavefront. What they save in research they can immediately spend in glossy marketing and hard
> selling.
> It;s always the same pattern:
> - watch for emerging products & markets
> - absorb the most promising idea
> - proprietarize it as far as possible
> - force feed the markets with it
> Although MS has learned a few lessons, it still is the most formidable predator. A defensive strategy against
> this
> kind of shortsighted behaviour is in my opinion essential for the sustainability of such developments as open
> source clusters.
> Paul

Douglas Eadline wrote:

> How does that quote go:
> "Imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery"
> I welcome this announcement. It makes us legitimate.
> Cluster computing is now recognized as a real market.
> Remember:  Some of us were laughed at several years ago.
> Philosophical Part:
> The great thing about Beowulf (and Linux) is that WE
> are developing what WE need not what a marketing
> manager thinks we need.  If WE as a community
> keep doing this, we are always in the lead. Others
> will follow, but will never have the advantage of
> leadership.
> Doug
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