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Richard Walsh rbw at networkcs.com
Fri Feb 16 07:51:23 PST 2001


If one wishes to maintain separate paths to dual processor
nodes via dual NICs, dual system names (s1_a/s1_b), and 
an MPI machines file with the same dual system names, one for 
each processor, ... can PBS's nodes file be configured 

PBS refers to "cluster nodes" and "nodes", the first being
virtual processors allocated to jobs by the Server and the
second being the physical, single-image system. To me, it is
not clear whether its nodes list file (PBS_HOME/server_priv/nodes)
is to be defined in terms of physical "nodes" or virtual
"cluster nodes" although the presence of the np=x argument 
in the file suggest physical nodes should be used.

Specifically, can I define the nodes in the PBS nodes file
in the same manner as I have for MPI (s1_a and s1_b on distinct 
lines) with one MOM on the physical node without violating the 
requirement to run MOM on "each node".



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