Microsoft Releases Computational Cluster Technical Preview To olkit

kragen at kragen at
Tue Feb 13 23:16:48 PST 2001

"Mattson, Timothy G" <timothy.g.mattson at> writes:
> <DIV><FONT color=#0000ff face=Arial size=2><SPAN
> class=995383003-14022001>Its important to note that there is a
> community out there --- granted not well represented on this list ---
> who sincerely believe in the Microsoft O.S.'s.   Rather than
> putting them down, I prefer to recognize that "one size doesn't fit
> all" and do what can be done to enable clustering in both Linux and
> Microsoft O.S.'s.  </SPAN></FONT></DIV>

Yeah, look, buddy, "its important" to note that there is a community
out there who sincerely believe in the transformative effects of a
personal relationship with Jesus.  But they're a little more
considerate than you are --- they recognize that that kind of
discussion is off-topic for this mailing list, and so they don't post
here about it.  Ads for, and protests against, Microsoft clustering
software are not any more on-topic.

There are general interest clustering fora.  This is not among them.
This mailing list is specifically about Beowulfs; people who are here
are here because they want to build Beowulfs.  Don't waste our time
with your silly holy wars.

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