32 + 8 nodes beowulf cluster design.

Joseph E. Rose, Jr. jerosejr at cajunbro.com
Tue Feb 13 10:15:30 PST 2001

To throw in my .02 here, I am using an HP4000 (40)nodes, with 1000baseT
modules for the interface with the master-node.  It ran about $2000, and the
modules to populate up to 72 ports are ($440 ea x 4)$1600  (allows channel
bonding).  The Intel 1000baseT modules are $290, and the NIC for the master
is $266.  For about $4200, it might be worth considering.


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Hi everyone,

I have just drafted a proposal listing the hardware components and their
prices for a 40 nodes beowulf using 1.2 GHz Athlons, 8*1.5 GB + 32*512 MB
memory, a double fast-ethernet network, and a front-end for storage and
administration.  The draft is at:
All comments are highly appreciated, especially those regarding the
network, the UPS and the price estimates.

Take care,


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