Query on services/rates for co-location facilities at academic institutions.

Keith Kaneda kaneda at jhu.edu
Mon Feb 12 08:31:29 PST 2001

  We will be renovating and upgrading our machine room (used to house our
mainframe systems) into a co-location facility that will house both
individual faculty and departmental Beowulf clusters, Web servers, etc.
In order to set rates fairly, we are interested in finding information on
services and rate structures used for co-location facilities at other
academic institutions.   Specifically, we would appreciate a detailed
description of charges for hosting systems in the co-location facility and
their basis (e.g. space charges, bandwidth charges, software licensing
costs, system administration services, backup services, systems and
applications consulting charges, etc.).   We would also like to find out
what things that have cost aspects to them that you *didn't* anticipate
when setting up your co-location facility.

  Since this query may be off-topic, please respond to me privately.  I
can summarize if there is sufficient interest.

Thanks in advance,


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