Mark Hahn hahn at
Mon Feb 12 07:32:37 PST 2001

> driver. It *looks* like a SCSI disk in software, but you can do RAID
> 0, 1, and 1+0. Performance approaches 100 MB/s. But the best part is
> that the expensive 8-disk unit is only $400 for the card.

it's important to point out that a $0 card (the controller(s) builtin
to your motherboard) can also approach 100 MB/s.  that is, ~3 decent
modern disks, on separate channels, will deliver >90 MB/s under linux's
raid0.  good-performing raid1+ will want separate channels for each disk,
which is where the real attraction of the 3ware card comes... 

regards, mark hahn.

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