Terrible disk i/o on Compaq DS10L

mello mello at msg.ucsf.edu
Fri Feb 9 22:27:18 PST 2001


We have a problem here. Our new beowulf is a rack of Compaq DS10L 600
mhz alphas with ide drives. We're running Red Hat 6.2.  The problem is
that we can only get ~2.5 mbytes/second disk i/o - as reported by hdparm
-tT .  This has been fairly common with our intel systems but I could
always adjust the hdparm parameters and do much better.
( 10 - 25 mbyte/sec depending on the drive ) With these machines no
parameters have any effect.

Has anyone else seen this problem? Does anyone have a fix that doesn't
involve SCSI?

Thanks... mel jones

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