Sample perl bindings for bproc

Daniel Ridge newt at
Fri Feb 9 16:02:36 PST 2001

Fellow Beowulfers,

A number of people who talked to me about Scyld Beowulf cluster
webserving and saw my web server demos at LinuxWorld last week and have
since been after me to get a copy of my sleazy perl->bproc bindings for
use with our Beowulf distribution.

Sample bindings are available from Scyld via

Inlined is a trivial example:

use Parallel::Bproc;

$numnodes = Parallel::Bproc::bproc_numnodes();


  if(Parallel::Bproc::bproc_nodestatus($node) == 3)
    printf("Moving to node %d\n",$node);


    printf("Current node is %d\n",Parallel::Bproc::bproc_currnode());


Regards (and good luck!),
	Dan Ridge
	Scyld Computing Corporation

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