Leonardo Magallon leo.magallon at
Thu Feb 8 11:10:46 PST 2001

Thanks all for your comments and the peace of mind it gives me to learn
that this brand of card works well.
We are about to expand our 48 processor beowulf to 100 and have planned to
use SysKonnect.


Eugene Chu wrote:

> Hi Leo,
> I can't reply directly to the list, but you may forward my response if
> you wish.
> I use a Syskonnect SK-9800 type (forgot exactly which) Gig-E interface
> on one of my Sun/Solaris 8 systems.  The driver that came with it on CD
> was out of date, but their site had the latest that worked with Sol 8.
> It works pretty well, but all my other systems are Suns running Sun's
> Gig-E interface, and they're all too slow let me run find out how fast
> the Syskonnect is.  I'm sorry I have no experience using this card on
> a Linux system, but they seemed to have Linux/Pentium drivers.
> Oh yes, in case you were wondering, Solaris does not support jumbo
> frames, so I did not check to see if this card could do it.
> eugene

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