Myrinet vs. Dolphin

Sergiusz Jarczyk sjarczyk at
Thu Feb 8 02:08:46 PST 2001

On Wed, 7 Feb 2001, Bill Broadley wrote:
> You mention 4 1m cables?  Why 4?  The dolphin card has 2 ports requiring
> 2 cables no?  Or can a single card be in 2 loops, i.e.  a matrix where
> you have loops in the x and y directions.
> I've looked through the dolphin site and haven't found a good
> description of the physical interface/possible topologies.

No, Dolphin cards (known as Wulfkit - packaged with SCALI Software
Platform) has 4 ports (two on board and two on doughter card). Possible
topologies include 2D Torus and ring. In Torus (which is better than ring
and allow to build clusters with some fault tolerance) each card is
connected with four other (two in X and two in Y directions).  


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