Scyld and Red Hat 7

kragen at kragen at
Tue Feb 6 11:11:46 PST 2001

"Stephen Gaudet" <sgaudet at> writes:
> > The one reason that could make me upgrade is the installation of a 2.4
> > kernel. Since RH 7.0 does not have it, there is no reason to upgrade yet.
> Here's another reason you might be interested in if looking to use large
> data sets.

Presumably you're talking about being interested in 2.4, not RH 7.

> Latest Linux kernel holds appeal for IT
> The keepers of the Linux operating system have made improvements to the core
> technology that should make it easier to find lost data.
> The biggest addition to the release of Linux kernel 2.4.1 is the ReiserFS,
> which is a journaling file system. Journaling file systems are key to
> operating systems and applications used over extended corporate networks
> because they allow administrators to more quickly recover data in the event
> of system failure.

IMHO, this is not a particularly good explanation of the situation;
metadata-journaling filesystems like ReiserFS sacrifice a little
performance in the average case (when everything is working fine) to
make fscking after a crash very quick.

If you're losing any significant amount of your cluster time to
fscking, you probably have bigger problems that you should address

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