Scyld + myrinet mpich-gm?

Jason L Tibbitts III tibbs at
Sat Feb 3 23:40:39 PST 2001

>>>>> "DJ" == Dave Johnson <ddj at> writes:

DJ> Has anyone got a working cluster anything like the one we're building?

We have the same basic structure: Gigabit Ethernet from front end to
switch, 100MBps Ethernet from switch to nodes, and Myrinet between just the
nodes.  In our case, we have 32 nodes plus the front end and the previous
generation 16 port Myrinet switches, so getting the front end on the
Myrinet would be rather expensive.  With the new switch setup it wouldn't
be so bad.

I had a short exchange with Donald Becker about our configuration; I don't
want to speak for him, but the impression I got was that they hadn't really
anticipated this configuration.  Their setup lets you run entirely over
Myrinet, but it assumes that the front end is on the Myrinet as well.

With a support contract, it's possible that they could work this out, but I
can't push that funding for an existing cluster so I've backed off the
Scyld setup for now.  I'll specify it with our next cluster purchase.
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