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Mon Aug 27 09:26:36 PDT 2001

Jakob Østergaard wrote:

> If (and this is *pure* speculation!) g77 generated Fortran code relies on
> a support library for file I/O that uses such addressing, this could be the
> explanation for the problems you see.

This *is* the explanation.

> Test:  Try dd if=/dev/zero of=test_file bs=8k count=1024k
> If you end up with a test_file of size 8 GB, your kernel, glibc, and tools
> (well, dd at least) have proper LFS support.  The problem must then be with
> your code or g77 (or support libraries).

Indeed.  GCC-3.1 will contain a Fortran run-time library that will
support >2 GB files on 32-bit targets.

Hope this helps,

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