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> the code (some of it is based on work done at the UCSF, its a minimal
> license for academic work type of deal... industry types pay big $$ ) So
> there might be legal hassles for non academic work.
> It sure like to set it up as a project, but i would need some
> help...volunteers?
> kim

Hi, Kim:  Exactly.  Maybe I missed something, but why wouldn't
qualify as a bidder?  My thinking is this, that either through a grant
process, or via a bidder subcontract, a nonprofit organization can compete
with the big guys.  We're set up as a profit-making entity, i.e., Salta
Monte Solutions, Inc., with a Nevada woman-owned small business specializing
in computer-related products, supplies, and services.  We put in a bid on
this, with as subcontractor, and the "volunteers" make a living,
whatever the government rates would be, and controls the
licensing requirements that keeps it Open Source.  This is a spinoff of the
type of work done previously for the genomics industry, only I'm suggesting
a way to increase the likelihood of getting the "volunteers" onto a payroll
for a significant contribution to the Open Source community.

Something else to consider would be to form a entity that goes
through and does what all the universities and nonprofits do, and qualify to
bid on projects like this.  Either way, the point is, noone comes into
conflict with academic, nonacademic, proprietary, Open Source, or other
issues, as those issues are explicit within the bid proposal.  If they like
it, they award the contract, if they don't, they don't award the contract. simply makes the offer.  And, I think, wins the award.  Thanks,

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