how to logon into slave node?

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Tue Aug 28 02:08:58 PDT 2001

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> hi,all:
>   i have edited  /etc/beowulf/fstab,commented $RAMDISK and did not comment 
> /dev/hda2 and /dev/ the slave node can be mounted,but i do not konw 
> where it was mounted.:( will it be mounted onto the master node?

In the fstab, the line that contains the device name also contains a
mountpoint.  It will be mounted on that mountpoint, on the slave node.

>   the another question is ,since i have mounted the slave harddisk,how can 
> i logon onto the slave node?use rsh ?but rsh need the machine name.:(

The short answer is, you don't.  The longer answer is, due to not having
very many files on the slave node, even if you could run a shell on one
of our slave nodes, it wouldn't do you much good as there wouldn't be
any other programs out there to use.  Instead what you do, is you use
BProc to send the program you want to use.  For example you can do:
bpsh 1 df
bpsh 3 ls -l /

For MPI and pvm programs, our implementation of MPI and pvm uses BProc
natively, so you don't have to use bpsh to send the job to other nodes,
instead they use BProc's native system calls to transparently move the
processes for you.
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