Can the linpack including in scyld beowulf get correct result?

邹 光先 zouguangxian at
Mon Aug 27 04:42:01 PDT 2001

from some paper,i know that the linpack will use a file which was named 
HPL.dat ,in this file,there are some parameters such as matrix 
width(n),processor grid and so on.but in scyld beowulf,i do not find this 
file.when i use linpack to benchmark the beowulf system,i find that it use 
N=3000,NB=60 and i can not change it!
so i want to know whether the linpack including in scyld beowulf can get 
the correct result?or I need to download some file to let it work well?
thank you!sorry for my poor english.:)

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