how to export nfs from client?

Sean Dilda agrajag at
Fri Aug 24 22:12:18 PDT 2001

On Fri, 17 Aug 2001, Matthew Lee wrote:

> Hello,
> I just installed scyld preview this morning and started to play with it a

That's really old.. we've had two releases since then, each one
improving the software.

> bit.  I am doing a trial setup with one head node and one three client nodes
> with hard disk on them.  The scyld CD defaults to diskless mode and does not
> seem to make much use of the local drives on my client nodes.  I would very
> much like to make use of my 13Gb of hard drive on the local nodes, but I
> can't find any instruction in the reference manual about how to do this.

If you look at the documentation in /usr/doc/beowulf-doc/ on your
system, there should be instructions on using beofdisk.  That is what
you need to use to partition the hard drives on the slave nodes, you
then need to modify /etc/beowulf/fstab so that the slave nodes will
actually mount the harddrive.

> Ideally, I would like to set up partitions on the client nodes maybe like
> /net/node1 or something like that.  If someone would please share his/her
> solution, I'd really appreciate it :-)

Hm.. you might actually want something called pvfs.  This allows you to
devote a partition on each slave node to a pvfs filesystem, then combine
that partition on all the slave nodes so that any of the nodes involved
can see the combinations of all the partitions as one giant partition
that they can all use.  You can get support for pvfs on Scyld if you buy
the professional product (contact sales at for more info).
There's also documentation and downloads that you can find on the net.

Whatever you chose to do, I highly recommend that you get a newer
version of our software.  Each of our two subsequent releases
(especially the recent 27bz-8/27cz-8 release) are huge imporvements over
the preview release.
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