J. M. Pacheco pacheco at
Tue Aug 14 08:26:54 PDT 2001


I am a theoretical physicist, and I just bought 4 athlons 1,33 GHz in
which I installed linux, mandrake distribution 8.0. I have kernels 2.4.3
and 2.4.7 running nice and steady in these machines, the 2.4.7 being a
Each of the 4 machines have 1,5 GB of RAM and 3,0 GB (2 x 1,5) of SWAP. 
I mostly run f77 programs, and they require typically a lot of memory.
But by now I am stuck with what I guess is a trivial (but which I do not
know how to solve) problem: I cannot execute any program which involves
internal arrays exceeding 895 MB of memory. That's it. First of all, if
it is only onje array, g77 wont even compile. But if one switches to
PGI, for instance, then one gets no complaints at compile time, but the
executable gives you a laconic segmentation fault after trying. 

Can anyone help me out of this mess ? 
Furthermore, browsing the beowulf mailing list, I got accross some linux
limitations in writing huge temperary files. Mine can be 2 GB large. Is
that problem solved in kernels 2.4 ? 

		Greetings and thankx,  J. M. Pacheco

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