HPL run time problems!! Help Please

Eswar Dev eswardev at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 21 16:38:58 PDT 2001

Can some one solve this problem for me, need help
regarding HPL. I have sucessfully built hpl executable
xhpl using CBLAS. 
But I get these run time errors using mpirun command

HPL ERROR from process # 0, on line 408 of function
>>> Need at least 4 processess for these tests<<<

HPL ERROR from process # 0, on line 610 of function
>>> Illegal input in file HPL.dat. Exiting ... <<<
 I tried to run using 1 upto 12 processors.
 Iam using a 12 Nodes Linux based ATHLON Beowulf
cluster. (web site for our Bewoulf is
I see no mistake in command line for mpirun.
So some one kindly help me with this.

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