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>Hi, I just recently installed the Scyld Beowulf software (27bz-7) and have
>ran into some difficulty with slave nodes.  The front end setup went
>smoothly and I made my floppy disks for the slaves.  When I boot up the
>slaves, they go through the boot process then start the RARP sequence, so
>I dragged their MAC adresses from unknown to configured nodes and hit
>apply.  The slave nodes appear to get an IP address then (and this happens
>pretty fast) the machine reboots.  I noted it said neighbour table
>overflow right after the IP assignment.  I've waded thru the mailing list
>archives and the only remotely relevent thing I found to my problem didn't
>really have an answer.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
>Thanks in advance,
You could check what you have in the /etc/beowulf/config

This file contains the Beowulf configuration and needs to be properly 
set up
before you create your  boot floppy.
I think if you update the file manually you need to restart the beowulf 
deamons (from beosetup) before  you generate a new floppy.

Here is an example of config

interface eth1

# Default libraries
libraries /lib /usr/lib

# Default file system policies.
fsck full
mkfs never

# Default location of boot images
bootfile /var/beowulf/boot.img
kernelimage /boot/vmlinuz-2.2.17-33.beosmp
kernelcommandline apm=power-off mem=1023m


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