Slave node problem

ericf at ericf at
Mon Aug 20 19:08:31 PDT 2001

Hi, I just recently installed the Scyld Beowulf software (27bz-7) and have
ran into some difficulty with slave nodes.  The front end setup went
smoothly and I made my floppy disks for the slaves.  When I boot up the
slaves, they go through the boot process then start the RARP sequence, so
I dragged their MAC adresses from unknown to configured nodes and hit
apply.  The slave nodes appear to get an IP address then (and this happens
pretty fast) the machine reboots.  I noted it said neighbour table
overflow right after the IP assignment.  I've waded thru the mailing list
archives and the only remotely relevent thing I found to my problem didn't
really have an answer.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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