Memory type? (ECC vs non-ECC)

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Fri Aug 17 12:21:53 PDT 2001

   There have been a few discussions about this before on the list, so you
may want to check out the list archives.  Geocrawler seems to be the best
one I can come across ATM ('s is down).

   These threads may give you a good start:

   And if these don't help, I'm sure rgb will chime in with a much more
detailed examination of it (Rob: I'm still digging through your 40k opus
on WYSIWYG editors vs TeX from the dulug list :)).


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On Fri, 17 Aug 2001, Dan Kirkpatrick wrote:

> We're finalizing our specs for our next beowulf cluster... and I had a
> question...
> ECC or non-ECC memory?  Motherboard "supports" ECC memory mode... although
> non-ecc memory is cheaper so we can get more...
> How does this realistically affect performance?
> comments?
> Thanks
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