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Some ideas:

Interested in chess?
	-> distributed chess engine
Interested in crypto?  
	-> Crack RSA keys. 
	-> Search collisions in MACs 
	-> Help 
	-> Do your own effort to brute-force DES (If you have time :-)
	-> Create your very own parallel version of GnuPG
	-> Implement a parallel pseudorandom number generator
Interested in multimedia?
	-> Distributed audio/video encoder
Interested in simulation?
	-> Implement a parallel nbody simulator
	-> Have a look at your physics books, sure you'll find something you would 		
	want to do in parallel
	-> Write a parallel implementation of Conway game of life
Interested in maths?
	-> Write a parallel fractal renderer
	-> Find primes
	-> help GIMPS
	-> Have a look at your math books, sure you'll find something you would want 
	   to do in parallel

Are you at a university?. Take a look at what other departments are doing. 
Get involved if possible. Be curious. Buy a good book and learn about 
parallel algorithms.

Just some thoughts 


P.S.: I you achieve something interesting, drop me an email! :-)

On Wednesday 15 August 2001 17:13, Eric T. Miller wrote:
> >About 2 months ago, I setup a small cluster using Scyld. The
> >developers/programmers have been keyholed into another project for the
> > time being. I would like to do something with the cluster as it's just
> > using electricity & creating heat.
> >Is there a way to fire up dnetc (or similar) on all the nodes? I apologize
> >for my lack of *nix knowledge (I'm a hardware/setup guy). TIA
> >
> >
> >Dave
> Yes! I had a similar question about a week ago that didn't get much
> response.  I too am new to clusters, and I just want to do something useful
> and interesting with my new creation. It is currently just a very
> intelligent space heater.
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