it's up and running

Eric Linenberg elinenbe at
Mon Aug 6 16:22:40 PDT 2001

Wayne, please forward this to Jason.  It seems everything works.  I just 
deleted the temp files that were in the directory, and I can run the lam 
version of ls-dyna from the /home/user dirs.  It does not run, however from 
the /usr/local/lstc directory.  I must thank you very much for your help, and 
I also must thank a bunch of people on the beowulf mailing list such as Steve 
Yam (and others I know I am forgetting!), but who played crucial roles in me 
getting this cluster up and running full speed.  I am just happy that I can 
now help out others with my new found knowledge.

Oops, I just shorted out two of the machines with champange!

Thanks everyone,
Eric Linenberg

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