Boot from floppy?

Worsham, Michael A. MAWorsham at
Mon Aug 6 04:39:51 PDT 2001

I tried doing that this morning and it worked. Although I had to switch out
my IDE CD-Rom w/ a SCSI one I had lying around, the boot floppy image found
it and was able to load the CD easily. 

It does seem, though, that if your primary system drives are SCSI, the
floppy image wont detect IDE/EIDE CD-Rom drives, thus you have to resort to
using SCSI drives (if you dont have one available, you can pick them up
cheap via or other similar places).

-- M

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On Fri, 03 Aug 2001, Worsham, Michael A. wrote:

> Hi all. 
> I have a copy of the personal edition of Scyld and one of those wonderful
> non-booting CD-Roms. Is it possible to make a floppy boot disk from the CD
> (via rawrite) then have it detect and mount the CD or do something similar
> like Slackware where the install process detects the CD?

If the problem is that the CD doesn't boot at all, there should be a
file in the images/ directory called boot.img that will boot, read the
CD, and load the installer off the CD.

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