Sun Sparc performance

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Sat Aug 4 05:33:37 PDT 2001

Sure, you can cluster SUN systems as easily as IA32 based systems.
However because of the cost of SPARC based systems I don't think
they qualify as "commodity" based systems so it may not be fair
to call it Beowulf clustering. Additionally, with SUN systems anyway,
I use Myrinet high speed low latency components. The cost of these
devices are not exactly commodity either.

As for the performance, I swear I'm going to get a T-shirt that says
"It depends on the application". Compilers, 64bit vs 32bit, cache, etc.


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Has anybody tried Beouwlf clustering on Sun Ultra SPARC machines ? I did
a benchmark on 3 sets of Sun Ultra SPARC machines using POVRAY but the
result I got is even slower than my other cluster with AMD K6-2. iS THIS
OK ?

Poh Chean Leng

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