Boot from floppy?

alvin at alvin at
Fri Aug 3 13:47:40 PDT 2001

hi ya

to make a bootable floppy is lota work if ya havent done it before
( need to strip things down to get it to fit into floppy )

- if the cdrom is non-bootable .. you cant make a boot floppy from it

- a boot floppy contains the kernel and minimum binaries to continue
  to find and boot off of the root fs 

- couple days work to get it running...or a months to tweek it
  to get it purring like a kitty

- look at tomsrtbt single floppy boot for starters...
	- replace that kernel with your kernel w/ nic and cdrom support
	and your done ... ( couple days work )

	- otherwise...there's linuxcare's bbc, yard, dozens of others

have fun booting

On Fri, 3 Aug 2001, Worsham, Michael A. wrote:

> Hi all. 
> I have a copy of the personal edition of Scyld and one of those wonderful
> non-booting CD-Roms. Is it possible to make a floppy boot disk from the CD
> (via rawrite) then have it detect and mount the CD or do something similar
> like Slackware where the install process detects the CD?
> -- Michael

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