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Sorry, I guess I didn't read your post good enough. Reading rgb's answer, I
realized that the throughput is probably not your actual problem (well, with
sever 100s of GB, I guess it will still be a problem).

If your are only looking for a way to hand out the chunks to the jobs and
the throughput is not the problem, you might want to take a look at
MW for Condor It is a C++ class library
which is designed for Master-Worker applications and uses condor.
It should make it fairly easy to write a Master-Worker application the way
you need it.

Bye, Thommy

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> Subject: data transfer and condor
> Hi all,
> We're looking at using Condor on our cluster for its checkpointing and
> job-handling abilities, as the routines we're running don't require much
> in the way of internode communication.  We have an NFS file server which
> contains our entire fileset (something on the order of 100s of GB), a
> master node for the cluster, and several nodes.  Outside of Condor, our
> algorithm requires that each of the nodes get some subset of the data (on
> the order of perhaps 100MB) and runs the analysis code on this data
> segment.  Obviously, each node must gather its share of the data from the
> NFS file server; this of course requires a large amount of network
> traffic.
> Does anyone have a clever idea about scheduling the data
> transfers so that it is accomplished in a reasonable fashion?  We were
> hoping Condor provides this functionality to some degree, but it doesn't
> seem to.
> Thanks
> Steve
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