Scyld BeoSetup Hang

Sean Dilda agrajag at
Fri Aug 3 04:17:28 PDT 2001

On Thu, 02 Aug 2001, Eric T. Miller wrote:

> Clustering newbie, but not Linux newbie.  Cluster is 6 Celeron500 with
> supported cards, install Scyld no problem on Master node, check IP
> connectivity with another Linux box(non-cluster) to ensure NIC's are up.
> When I boot the first slave node (w/Scyld CD) all goes well up to the RARP
> requests, which continue indefinatley.  MAC address of slave shows up in
> BeoSetup, but status is marked as "down".  I assume the node must be in "up"
> status before continuing with the next step, partitioning the slave from the
> front end machine.

You said the MAC address of the slave showed up with a status of 'down',
so I am assuming you dragged it over to the configured nodes list.  Did
you also click 'Apply' after dragging it?  If you don't click 'Apply',
nothing actually gets changed, so the daemons still won't boot the node.
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