multiple ethernet ports, random order

Chris Harwell charwell at
Thu Aug 2 16:06:02 PDT 2001


could anyone provide a work around for this?

i have an onboard ethernet port, and a dual port ethernet card all
intel eepro. stock redhat7.1 w/ 2.4.3-12 redhat kernel and 2.4.3-12-1 (i

it seems that with different kernels or perhaps boot conditions the
ethernet card labels eth0,1,2 order themselves differently. what i mean by
that is sometime eth0 is associated with a different physical port than at
other times. the driver is currently built into the kernel, before it was
the standard redhat modular kernel.

i'm assuming the irq and base adrress combination maps uniquely to the
port and stuck a line in /etc/lilo.conf and reran lilo to fix this - but
it seemed to have no effect at mapping to the previous config.
it goes something like append "ether=9,0xde80,eth2 ether=9,0xcf80,eth1

what can i do to keep them constant?


charwell at

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