MPI-Beowulf configuration question: where does Makefile @XXX_XXX@ notation come from?

Chris Richard Adams chrisa at ASPATECH.COM.BR
Wed Aug 1 14:07:28 PDT 2001


I have installed the full 27Bz-7 release and have a four node cluster
running.  I succeeded in getting the mandelbrot demo running. very cool.

Now I'm learning more about MPI and am working with the examples in
/usr/mpi-beowulf/examples dir.

Q1.) I get error messages during 'make' stating 'command MPI_CC@ not
found'.  I assume it wants mpiCC from the bin directory - but how does
@MPI_CC@ link to that binary?  How do I resolve the other @xxx_xxx@

Q2.) Is there any documentation available for these samples? Any
documentation on MPI calls using mpi-beowulf? 

Q3.) Is there any documentation for the binaries in

Q4.) What is the difference between the /examples and /mpe_examples?
What does mpe mean?

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