SMP Kernel for Scyld?

Lambe, Dave dave.lambe at
Wed Aug 1 06:30:31 PDT 2001

Howdy! Super newbie here (FYI).
I have setup a small cluster (5 Dell Optiplexes=1 PIII CPU ea. & 4 SGI
1200s=2 PIII CPUs ea.) using the Scyld Distribution (Basic 27BZ-7?). What a
great product for us Linux dummies! I am basically an NT Admin that
possesses most of the hardware knowledge here.
I was wondering if anyone could direct me toward an SMP kernel and
instructions on installation? The SMP SGI boxes are only showing 1 CPU being
recognized (seems a waste of the other 4 CPUs?) under BeoStatus. Is this
something that could be compiled from the existing uni-processor kernel? How
would I modify the boot diskettes(for those machines) to reflect the SMP
Thanks for any direction offered.


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