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mulyadi a_mulyadi at telkom.net
Mon Apr 30 09:49:20 PDT 2001

Hello :-D

>I am running PVM (I believe it is the 3.4 version) on a Debian 2.2 system
using Bash >for my shell.  I configured it as per the man pages and the MIT
reference book, except >I defined PVM_ROOT and PVM_ARCH in .bashrc on every
node (including the head >server) and not the .cshrc .  Should I put in my
.bash_profile on the head node ?  I also >have my .rhosts correct, as
verified by running rsh and ssh.

Of course, if you use bash, then you must use .bashrc, and this must be
written on every node, except you mount the user's home directory from NFS
point. In that case, you only wrote it once

> but when I try to add a node, it returns a "terminated" and puts me back
at my bash >shell prompt.  I can then rsh or ssh over to the node and verify
the pvmd is running on >the node via the ps command.  When I try to use the
pvm shell on that node, it displays >a notice that the pvmd is already
running and hangs till I kill the process.  Any clues or >suggestions ?

Hmmmm... kinda strange problem. Are you sure, when you compiled PVM source,
you use LINUX.def?? So that it is compiled with option that adjusted to
Linux environment?? BTW, have you add the "$PVM_ROOT/lib" (i am not sure,
please verify where PVM place its "pvm" shell script) add to your $PATH??

Please tell us if you found something strange when you compile PVM source

>Another question is that the docs say there should be a lock file in /tmp,
but what I find >is a directory containing a log file (and of course no
indication why I can not add the >node).  Is this the normal setup ?  BTW, I
can restart pvm at on the server and launch >another instance of the dameon
on the node with similar results as stated above.

the lock file is file with extension ".uid" Do you saw it?? BTW, pvm denies
to start if he found that there is lock file that belong from previous
session, so you must delete it first

>Final question (for now), how do I set PVM up to use ssh instead of rsh ?

Check at LINUX.def file, there you find RSH option command, replace
"/usr/bin/rsh" with "full_path_to_your_ssh_command" Of course you must
generate SSH key for automatic login at remote node without entering the
password. Look at the SSH man page

Try my advise first, then tell us again if something still goes wrong


Mulyadi Santosa

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