What is the best C IDE on Linux?

Bob Drzyzgula bob at drzyzgula.org
Fri Apr 27 04:35:30 PDT 2001

> EMACS need only be "started up" once; on one machine and
> then remote logins and software updates on your many other
> machines is a breeze--once you develop a few macros of
> course--hence the name "Editor MACroS".

Interesting. With vi, you don't *have* to develop anything, it all just
works, out of the box. You *can* develop macros for vi (ever see the towers
of hanoi demonstration?) but people don't do it that often. To a large
extent, this is because the basic editor is so fast, memory-effecient and
functional there is rarely the need, but it is also because vi integrates so
well with the underlying command line environment. Need to reflow a
paragraph to a max 65 columns? "!}fmt -65" will do it for you. Need to sort
the contents of your buffer? "1G!}sort". Need to insert the system date in
your file? ":r!date". The Unix command line is fantastically powerful; why
would anyone want to re-implement this functionality within the editor

> EMACS is the best IDE on Linux on any platform and for any
> language.

I think that the point is that this is highly subjective and dependant on
your skills, background, responsibilities, task at hand and a host of other
factors. There IS NO BEST IDE, there are only IDEs that are optimal for an
individual in a particular set of circumstances.


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