Debian vs RedHat config question.

Kino L Davis wulfworks at
Sat Apr 21 12:18:51 PDT 2001

> > For eg, since debian 2.2 doenst have glibc2.2, is it alot slower than
> > redhat 7? Has anyone tried out progeny debian? (It supposedly has
> > glibc2.2).
> >
> > /kc

Have been running Progeny for about a month now, so far I have not used it in a cluster, as I wanted
to play with it some and wait for the final version (which is now out).

Impression: VERY nice work, the SMP system it is on is very stable and marginally faster than the
previous SuSE 7.0 install and a brief debacle with Slackware current, which seems to be facing its
demise?. I am still running RC1 on the system, but will change that over to Progeny 1.0 just as soon
as I finish this email (backing up mail now).

Keep in mind this is not based on any specific tests, just an overall impression after using it on my
desktop workstation... but, I am happy enough with it that I have already started duplicating CDs and
contacted Progeny about Reseller status -- in a nut shell, it is Debian that has addressed most of the
(few) complaints that people have had. I do not know how it stacks up against 2.2r3, as I have just
got the masters for that newest potato release... but I hope to install it on a system this weekend

Oh, and yes, it is glibc 2.2

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