NIS, auofs

Fethiye Akbulut fethiye_akbulut at
Thu Apr 26 08:37:11 PDT 2001

Hi all,

I hope this is the right group to post a help message...

I am configuring our linux cluster which has a NIS server, and we decided to 
use autofs for some of the home files. Here are some of the configuration 

#auto.master  on NIS server
/home	/etc/auto.home	--timeout 600

#auto.home on NIS server

I have built the NIS maps so that the auto.master and auto.home are seen by 
the NIS nodes. Also, on the nodes the /etc/nsswitch.conf file's automount 
entry searches for local auto.master and then NIS. There is no auto.master 
on the nodes. In fact, when I start the autofs on the nodes and check the 
status, I see that it is mounting off the as written in the NIS 
server's config file.

I do start the autofs from the server, too. After this, I cannot reach any 
of the user's home directories. The same with the nodes; I cannot even see 
/home/mpi  even though /home/mpi was built before the autofs was started.

any suggestions, comments?

Am I not supposed to start the

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