Testing hardware

David Vos dvos12 at calvin.edu
Wed Apr 25 17:11:30 PDT 2001

On Tue, 24 Apr 2001, William R. Dieter wrote:
> I have seen cases where memtest86 passes, but the kernel compile test
> fails.  I did not have a chance to isolate the problem to determine if
> it was memory, motherboard, disk, or some combination.

I had problems like this with my personal computer.  I had been running
PC66 memory, then I switched to a PC100 256Mb ECC DIM.  I properly
jumper'd everything, but it randomly started crashing in compiles.  I
returned the memory and got a new chip.  That didn't help either.  The
motherboard is supposed to handle the faster speed, but unfortunately it
is out of warranty.  memtest86 didn't find any problems, though. I just
have to under-clock the memory and it works fine.  I'm not enough of a
hardwar guy to really know what's wrong.

David Vos

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