problems with Via KT133(A) chipsets

Mark Hahn hahn at
Wed Apr 25 08:06:37 PDT 2001

> Does anybody know what the status is in the 2.2.x kernels, or if it would be
> possible to back port the 2.4.3-ac patch to that series of kernels?

I believe Alan has stated that official policy is that there will
be no avalanche backports from 2.4; after all, there's a reason that 
2.2 is officially obsolete, and 2.4 is the official stable kernel.

2.2 stopped getting IDE updates some time ago; as I recall, it has 
no VIA-specific code, which means that the driver will use UDMA
only if the BIOS configures it.  so for 2.2, if the BIOS does the right
things, it should all just work.

regards, mark hahn.

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